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You Are Your Instrument, pt. 1 - My Singing Journey

You Are Your Instrument, pt. 1 – My Singing Journey

When people find out that I am a singer, voice teacher, choral conductor, and Alexander Technique teacher, it sometimes isn’t immediately clear how all of it connects. Some musicians who have heard of Alexander Technique see plainly how the work can help instrumentalists avoid repetitive motion injuries and play without strain, but as players of […]

Permission to Not be Right

Permission to Not be Right

Take a minute and think through a typical day. How many times during the day do you feel that you have permission to not be right? By that, I mean you are not expected to: know the answer, build it so it works the first time, even wear socks that match… in general, do you […]

The Layer Cake of Singing, or Training the Whole Singer

I had the great privilege this past week to teach a workshop at the Sister Singers Network Festival in Urbana, Illinois, hosted by Amasong. It was amazing to connect with so many incredible women, and sing, talk about singing, talk about music, listen to music… a wonderful time. My workshop was titled Training the Vocal […]

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