Essential, effective education for ease in every situation.

The Alexander Technique gives you the ability to choose free, easy movement. It supports pain relief, stress reduction, performance improvement, and general well-being.

With expertise as an AmSAT-certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, I guide students from all backgrounds in unlearning the patterns of habitual tension that cause pain and strain, leading to improved neuro-muscular coordination for poise and ease in every activity. The Alexander Technique can help you do what you love with more strength, flexibility, ease, presence, and resilience.

All welcome, those seeking greater embodied freedom. This includes all colors, religions, sexes, genders, sexual orientations, national origins, genetics, body types, abilities, ages, and economic statuses.

Mistakes will inevitably be made, because I am human. However, I am committed to the ongoing process of deepening understanding and enacting inclusion.

Drawing on my background as a classically-trained singer and conductor of choirs, I also work with musicians to support musical and technical excellence, prevent injury, deal with anxiety, and bring creativity and space into the process of practice and performance.

The Alexander Technique is at the intersection of artistry, education, and well-being.

As a voice teacher with over a decade of experience, I provide professional voice instruction to people of all ages. I am also the Artistic Director of the Indianapolis Women’s Chorus, and have arranged a number of choral works for treble voices.

I combine any and all of these disciplines to create unique workshops tailored to your group – whether chorus, voice or instrumental studio, educational community, professional organization, or dance ensemble.

Please explore to learn more about the Alexander Technique, my work as a choral conductor and educator of vocal artists, and new pieces for chorus. Then contact me to book a lesson, a workshop, a performance, or to order scores.

I look forward to hearing from you!




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