Is the Alexander Technique for you?

If you are reading about the Alexander Technique for the first time, it might not be immediately apparent how improving your neuromuscular coordination (that is, the way you move and think!) can help you in everyday life. Here are a few ideas:

Do you ever mow a lawn, chop vegetables, use a vacuum, or lift anything? Do you run, walk, bike, swim, or do any other exercise?

The Alexander Technique helps you move with more ease regardless of activity. When you move and think with efficiency and ease, your work and exercise become easier and more enjoyable!

Do you experience chronic back or neck pain?

The Alexander Technique has been shown in several peer-reviewed studies to reduce back pain over the course of a series of lessons.

Are you on your feet on the job (nurse, restaurant server, classroom teacher, parent)?

You can learn how to find balanced support that allows you to move through your day with more ease and more patience.

Do you work at a desk?

Educating your self about how to work in seated positions for lengthy periods, using your body at a desk or with a computer, can help improve mental focus on the job and help prevent or alleviate work-related pain (including carpal tunnel, back and neck pain, etc.)

Are you a performer?

Many well-known performers study the Alexander Technique as a way to support their own work – singers and actors find vocal freedom; dancers find ease of movement; instrumentalists find new facility and prevent performance-related injuries. Conductors find new support for expressive gesture and improved efficiency of movement for conducting long rehearsals and concerts. All performers benefit from learning tools that reduce performance anxiety and release the breath.Lessons benefit many people, including mothers-to-be

Are you a mother-to-be?

Alexander Technique can help your body adapt to the constant changes of pregnancy, supporting the new demands on your torso and legs as your baby grows. It can help you prepare for birth, and for the physical and mental challenges of new motherhood. Great for all parents!

Are you a surgeon, or do fine work with your hands?

A study involving surgeons found that Alexander Technique lessons improved surgeons’ ability to do laproscopic skills such as suturing and cutting.

What do you in the course of a day? I’d love to talk with you about how the Alexander Technique can help you find more ease, freedom, and enjoyment in your life. Please contact me for more information, or explore to read more about lessons.

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