Lessons in the Alexander Technique

Study of the Alexander Technique is a study of your self, a refining of your senses, unlearning harmful habits and learning new skills for moving with greater ease. This type of study is best done one on one, where a certified Alexander Technique teacher can guide you in improving your sensory perceptions, helping you make subtle but powerful changes in the way you do simple activities: sitting in a chair, standing, walking. The skills you learn in lessons are skills you take with you to the office, the kitchen, the stage, and the gym.

The Alexander Technique Works

Research has demonstrated the value of Alexander Technique lessons in improving quality of life for those with chronic low-back pain. Additionally, Alexander Technique has been shown to improve the skills of laproscopic surgeons, suggesting benefits for many occupations. The American Society for the Alexander Technique keeps a current list of peer-reviewed research publications on the Alexander Technique at http://www.amsatonline.org/research.

Performers of all types study the Alexander Technique, including actors (Judi Dench, Lupita N’yongo, Kenneth Branagh), musicians (Paul McCartney, Yehudi Menuhin, Sting, Renée Fleming), and dancers (Trisha Brown). Writer Aldous Huxley, educational philosopher John Dewey, and scientist Raymond Dart are other notable students of the Alexander Technique who found applications in their own fields.

How to Begin

The changes one makes in studying the Alexander Technique take time, so most teachers suggest a series of around 6 lessons for a beginning student. Many people notice improvement after only one lesson! Yet the more you study, the more improvement you may experience. In a randomized trial published in the British Medical Journal, which compared Alexander Technique to massage and exercise therapy for patients experiencing low back pain, the control group (who had no lessons) experienced 21 days of pain per month; the group who received six Alexander lessons experienced 11 days of pain per month; the group who received 24 lessons experienced only 3 days of pain per month.

Lesson Formats

Private (individual) Lessons (approximately 45 minutes)

Lessons in Indianapolis

Individual, hands-on instruction in the possibilities of your own coordination. Please wear comfortable, easy-to-move-in clothing.

Shared Lessons (approximately 60 minutes)

Two people sign up together for a shared lesson (you provide your own lesson partner). Both students receive individual attention and hands-on instruction. This is a great option for students who play the same instrument, are both actors, etc., because you can observe and learn from each others’ progress.

Locations in Indianapolis and Bloomington, IN

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on the north side of Indianapolis: Premier Music Studios, 8555 Cedar Place Drive #109, Indianapolis, IN 46240. Lessons by appointment only.

Tuesdays and Thursdays in Bloomington: Windfall Dancers Studio, 1101 N. Dunn St., Bloomington, IN 47408. Lessons by appointment only.

Lesson Rates – Invest in your Self!

Alexander Technique lessons are a terrific way to do self-care. For an investment comparable to a therapeutic massage, you learn how to move with more ease and peace, taking the benefit far beyond your lesson time. Please contact me with any questions about pricing.

Private lesson: $80 / $70 for Students and Seniors (65+)

Alexander/Voice Lesson: $80 / $70 for Students and Seniors (65+)

Shared lesson: $100

New Student Introductory Package: Get a taste of what might be possible for you! 3 Lessons for $200 ($180 for Students/Seniors) Package must be used within 8 weeks of initial lesson.

3-Lesson series: Follow up your introduction to gain depth of understanding and tools for long-lasting change. 3 Lessons for $225 ($195 for Students/Seniors). Package must be used within 8 weeks of initial lesson.

24 hours advance notice of cancellation is required for rescheduling and refund of lesson fees. Please click here to read my lesson cancellation policy.

I would be happy to give you more information, discuss any questions you may have, and schedule your first lesson. Just drop me a line! You can also book on your own right now at mjat.setmore.com.


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