Alexander Technique – Skills for Life

The Alexander Technique helps us regain our natural poise, curiosity, and freedom of movement. It is a practical method of mind-body education: a process of growing and refining awareness, unlearning old habits that can do us harm, and discovering a joyful coordination and facility in everything we do.

The Alexander Technique is studied by performers (actors, musicians, dancers), parents, athletes, office workers, medical professionals, people with chronic pain, and those who want to improve their well-being and quality of life.

Most of us begin our lives Effortless Poise with carefree coordination, freedom of movement, and effortless poise. As we grow older, we pick up habits of tension and collapse. Those habits begin to feel normal, and become pervasive. We use these harmful habits – which are unique to each individual – in most of our activities, whether we want to or not. In working with the Alexander Technique, you learn about your self, and you will begin to discover the habits that hold you back.

In an Alexander Technique lesson, I guide a student through everyday activities: sitting in a chair, standing, walking, and resting. Gentle, hands-on instruction allows a student to identify habits and unlearn them, freeing the whole self for new ways of coordinating that are calm, energized, and full of possibility.

You can begin to use the basic principles of the Alexander Technique after only one lesson, and may notice significant improvement after several weeks of lessons. Some people find the Alexander Technique to be a life-long discipline that enhances general well-being.

Please read more about lessons and how the Alexander Technique might benefit you, or contact me for more information and to schedule your first lesson. I look forward to hearing from you!

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