New Workshops in the ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE

at Invoke Wellness Center

Introduction to the Alexander TechniqueWalk Drawing Wide
Thursday, October 29, 7 – 8:15 PM  ·  $25

Are you performing at your best?
Is your pain just a part of life?
Is your stress necessary?

For more than a century, people from all backgrounds have studied the Alexander Technique to learn practical skills for living life with more ease. Through hands-on work and exploration, discover how this mind-body education discipline supports spinal health, natural alignment, and general well-being, improving performance in fitness and the arts and reducing stress at home and work.

Meagan Johnson (M.AmSAT), certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, will start you on the path to regaining freedom of movement and poise in all the activities you love.

Work Smarter, Not Harder – Alexander Technique at the OfficeSit Drawing
Thursday, November 12, 7 – 8:15 PM  ·  $25

You use your computer, your phone, or your tablet for hours each day.
Is the way you interact with technology causing strain and stress?
Is the way you work causing pain?

The Alexander Technique offers simple, practical solutions for working smarter at home and at the office. From the way you sit to how you approach answering an email, small decisions throughout the day can literally give you more space in your body and mind, reducing pain and strain, and leaving you with more energy to do what you love.

Meagan Johnson (M.AmSAT), certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, will coach you on how to regain peace of mind and body for more efficiency and ease in your work.

Please contact Meagan for Registration & Class Information.


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