Constructive Rest

A practice to increase awareness, improve coordination, relieve habitual tension and spinal compression, and regain peace of mind/body.

  1. On a firmly padded surface, such as a yoga mat or carpeted floor, lie with your knees pointed toward the ceiling and your head resting on a small paperback book. Rest your hands on your torso (with elbows bent) or at your sides as you wish. Leave your eyes gently open. Lie-Down Drawing
  2. Notice the points of contact between you and the floor: back of your ribs, shoulder blades, upper arms, elbows, back of pelvis, soles of feet, back of head on the book. Allow any place that is making contact to rest on the floor, continuing that contact.
  3. Without trying or increasing the effort, allow your neck to be free, so that your head can release forward and out, your back to lengthen and widen on the floor, knees to direct gently to the ceiling, right arm to the right and left arm to the left.
  4. Continue this quiet observing, pausing, and directing for 5-20 minutes. Shorter periods repeated regularly are more effective that occasional long periods. This is a wonderful place to observe your breathing; but remember, don’t increase the effort! How easy can you allow it to be?
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