Alexander Technique Distance Learning Workshops

In Alexander Technique Distance Learning Workshops, I introduce your ensemble, studio, or group to the basic principles of the Alexander Technique, with an emphasis on applied use of these powerful practices in your life and work.


Fundamentals of the Alexander Technique

Explore the embodied mindfulness practice that has supported energetic poise and stress-resilient performance for over a century. In an engaging and interactive virtual environment, learn the basic practices that make this educational discipline so powerful, and harness your own body-mind unity to live at ease in every activity, from work in your office to theater performance to running a race.


Process, Poise, Performance – Tools from the Alexander Technique for Musicians

Transform your experience of music-making with process-oriented tools from the Alexander Technique. How does an individual musicians’s mind-body awareness effect ensemble performance? How can I, as a singer, instrumentalist, or conductor, stay present in rehearsal and respond to problems with freedom, creativity, and ease, unleashing gorgeous, rich sound? How can my ensemble approach performance without strain, yet still make music with excellence? How can I adapt to the ever-changing world of music learning and performance with grace, ease, and power? 

This workshop is perfect for choirs, bands, orchestras, and voice or instrumental studios. 


Powerful Breath, Centered Performance

Building on the essential foundation of the Alexander Technique framework, this workshop explores the use of the breath in speech and singing. Learn more about the anatomy of breathing and how changing your thinking about breath will transform the use of your voice, reduce anxiety, and help you perform at your best.

This workshop is easily adaptable to wind or brass musicians.


The Integrated Conductor

The use of your own body and mind directly effects the sound of your ensemble. As you might have heard: “What they see is what you get” (Rodney Eichenberger). Learn powerful functional anatomy and embodied mindfulness to address how your thoughts, goals, and self-awareness change your conducting and influence the way your ensemble performs.


Virtual Masterclass

Students and teachers who have participated in a “Fundamentals,” “Process, Poise, Performance,” or “Powerful Breath” workshop will appreciate learning even more with individual Alexander Technique distance instruction in master-class form.


What People are Saying about Workshops with Meagan

“I can 100% vouch for the quality and effectiveness of Meagan’s work. She taught a class during our 2019 summer online learning festival on Alexander Technique for Choral Singers and it was extremely well-received. I give Meagan my highest recommendation!”

— Peter Jacobson, Founder, Total Vocal Freedom

“Meagan’s work with our chorus completely opened them up to a new freedom in singing. I saw an immediate change in their body carriage and posture. The ease with which they sang was completely inspiring to me and has informed my conducting ever since.”

— Greg Sanders, Artistic Director, Indianapolis Men’s Chorus

“Our choir has gained a richer, more vibrant sound, and also a boost in pride and possibility.”

— Calliope Feminist Choir, Athens, OH

“As a workshop leader, Meagan instills confidence in participants; as an Alexander Technique teacher, she adds personalized attention that is as nurturing as it is instructive.”

— Frances H., violinist

Please contact me for more information about workshops or to schedule a session with your ensemble, studio, or group!

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