Indianapolis Studio Information

Indianapolis Studio Information

During your first lesson, we’ll spend a few minutes at the beginning getting acquainted, and you can tell me about yourself and what brings you to the Alexander Technique or voice study, as well as ask any questions you may have. (You’re also welcome to email or call in advance!) I look forward to working with you!

Alexander Technique Lessons:  The Alexander Technique is an educational process, where you learn to improve your kinesthetic awareness, identify patterns of habitual tension that lead to pain and strain, and re-learn new neuromuscular coordination to allow freedom of movement, ease in performance of your favorite daily activities, and increased enjoyment of life. I use gentle hands-on guidance to lead students through simple, everyday movements – standing, sitting, walking, lying down. We will work with you sitting/standing at a wooden chair, using mirrors for feedback and observation, and with you lying on a padded massage-style table. Please wear comfortable, easy-to-move in clothing for the lesson; since you’ll be lying down, pants are preferable to skirts.

Voice Lessons: I teach voice lessons with a whole-singer approach, helping you to understand the inter-related functioning of your body, breath, resonance, articulation and thought processes, to lead to free and expressive singing. If you have particular songs or styles of music you wish to sing or study, please bring sheet music.

Blended Alexander Technique + Voice Lessons: With focused time on your coordination away from singing (as in a standard AT lesson) as well as vocalizing and repertoire (as in a standard voice lesson), these lessons feature blended instruction (hands-on at the chair while vocalizing, for example) that allows a deep type of learning for foundational vocal progress, regardless of skill level or prior experience.

Teaching Days and Location

IndianapolisMonday/Wednesday/Friday, by appointment.

Premier Music Studios, 8555 Cedar Place Dr. #109, Indianapolis, 46240.

Cedar Place is just east of the intersection of 86th St. and College Ave. The location is convenient to I-465, the Nora Branch of the Indianapolis Public Library, and shopping. Please come into the waiting area, and I’ll be down to meet you at your lesson time.

Please call or text if you have any difficulty finding the location, or if you will be delayed. I’ll have my phone on at 217-419-6914.

Lesson Rates and Packages for 2018-2019

Individual Lessons

Standard Alexander Technique lesson (45 minutes) – $60

One-hour Alexander Technique lesson (60 minutes) – $75 (For those wishing to do more extensive “application” work)

Alexander/Voice Lesson (60 minutes) – $70

On-site Alexander Consultation/LessonAt the gym. At your office. In your garden. – contact me for details! 

Shared Alexander Technique lesson (60 minutes) – $100 (For two students who schedule the lesson together)

Lesson Packages

Please note: all package lessons should be taken within 8 weeks.

Foundation: 3 Standard Alexander Technique lessons for a new student – $160

Deeper learning: 3 Standard Alexander Technique lessons for a continuing student – $170

Alexander/Voice Package: 3 AT/Voice lessons – $200

Voice lesson: 30 minutes – $30; 45 minutes – $45; 60 minutes – $60

Beginning November 1, 2018, all lessons must be paid at time of booking. Until November 1, lesson payment is due at time of lesson.

Cash and check preferred, credit cards accepted.

If these lesson rates will present a financial hardship for you and/or prevent you from taking lessons, please talk with me. We may be able to work something out.

Cancellation Policy

If you discover that you will be unable to attend your lesson for any reason (illness, scheduling conflict, car trouble, etc.) 48 hours advance notice is required for a refund/waiver of the lesson fee. Lessons cancelled within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment will incur the entire lesson fee.

I make exceptions for occasional emergencies (sudden illness, vehicle trouble), but expect you to take responsibility for cancelling if you “feel like you’re coming down with something.” One option is to find a friend to take your lesson slot (you can work out the finances with them). You could get a referral bonus if they schedule another lesson!

Studio policies effective September 2018, and are subject to change.

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