Manx Lullaby

Traditional Folk Song, Isle of Man, arr. Meagan Johnson

A cappella four-part women’s chorus, with solo.

This arrangement of “Manx Lullaby” was created in honor of the first birthday of my son. Singing this to him nearly every day of that first year of his life provided plenty of opportunities for imagining different arrangements for chorus! The melody shifts among the voice parts, and the accompanying voices use the traditional nonsense soothing syllables, ‘ho ro ro, hi ri ri.’ When the child finally falls asleep, we hear the sopranos singing a dream-descant over the rest of the chorus.

Premiered December 11, 2010 by Amasong.

Manx Lullaby Sample (sung by Amasong):

Oh hush thee, my dove, Oh hush thee, my rowan,

Oh hush thee, my lapwing, my little brown bird.

Oh fold thy wings and seek thy nest now.

Oh shine the berries on the bright tree.

The bird is home from the mountain and valley.

Oh hush thee, my birdie, my pretty dearie.

Ho ro ro, Hi ri ri, Cadul gu lo.*

*Manx Gaelic for “Sleep on.”

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