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 About Meagan

With a life-long interest in the intersection of artistry and education, Meagan Johnson works as an Alexander Technique teacher, choral conductor, voice instructor, singer, and composer. She presents workshops to performing artists and educational organizations about the intersection of Alexander Technique with their fields, and maintains an active studio teaching Alexander Technique lessons. Meagan is the founding director of the Indianapolis World Music Chorus.

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Photo Credit: Allyson Sanborn

What people are saying about Meagan Johnson…

“Meagan’s amazing knowledge and intuition about vocal production were a tremendous help to me. Her experience with Alexander Technique gave me an essential perspective that I didn’t even know I was missing.” – Robin S., singer

“As a workshop leader, Meagan instills confidence in participants; as an Alexander Technique teacher, she adds personalized attention that is as nurturing as it is instructive.” – Frances H., violinist

“Singing for Meagan Johnson for 6 years was a joy. I appreciated her tremendous skill in working with singers of widely varied experience, her creative and thoughtful programming of music, and her own challenging yet singable compositions.” – Mari M., singer

“Excellent vocal technician who is able to create a beautiful sound from a choir of professional and non-professional singers. Her compositional style is warm with complex harmonies. I have sung with many world renowned choral conductors, and Meagan Johnson is one of the best.” – Heidi W., Westminster Choir College, 1981



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