Sound Direction Workshops

In Sound Direction Workshops, I introduce your group to the basic principles of the Alexander Technique, with an eye towards practical use of these principles and skills in your everyday life.

All workshops will provide a foundation in the basic ideas of the Alexander Technique, and then move into explorations tailored to your interests. Through games, hands-on work and observation, we’ll explore the idea of habit and its prevalence in the way we use our whole selves; of balanced general coordination (“sound body”) and thinking in activity (“sound mind”). We’ll play with poise that allows the head to lead (“direction”), and results in a pattern of “releasing up” as we also allow the ground to support us in whatever we do.

What might a Sound Direction workshop look like for your group?

  • CHOIRS: we work on free movement of breath; balance of the head, neck and torso for greatest ease in standing or sitting; making sound and singing with release; reducing performance anxiety; and challenges specific to choral singers, including how to hold up that heavy folder during rehearsals!
  • CONDUCTORS: we examine the relationship between general coordination and gesture, and how that gesture influences the breathing and singing/playing of your ensemble. We also explore self-care for the conducting musician – how to prevent pain and increase enjoyment of your work.
  • DANCERS: we might explore varieties of movement through the lens of the Alexander Technique. How do we move from walking to dancing? How does one engage with a dance partner in a directed way? How can one find more comfortable ways of moving, and prevent injury and strain? What is thoughtful, present movement?
  • HEALTH PROFESSIONALS: we may look at the benefits of self-care through the Alexander Technique, and the ways that improved coordination and balance support hands-on work with patients and more finely-tuned use of equipment.
  • BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS: improve public speaking skills and reduce performance anxiety; alleviate chronic pain from desk-sitting or typing.
  • PARENTS: find more patience; move with more ease as you pick up a growing child, change a diaper on the floor, or push a stroller; care for yourself!
  • ATHLETICS and FITNESS: improve your game by moving effortlessly; find out how to achieve the natural alignment so central to good balance in all activities.

Regardless of your work, engage with choice, allowing yourself the most possibility of freedom in movement and the practice of being present from moment to moment.

To get moving in a sound direction, please contact me for more information. I invite you to attend an introductory workshop about the Alexander Technique, book a series of lessons, or schedule a workshop for your community group, professional organization, or ensemble.

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